​​​​How I went from being financially desperate at free consultations to helping professional service providers serve only those clients they can’t wait to work with, building a life and practice they love.

Before I presented at 91 live seminars… Before I held 47 live webinars… Before I created a powerful on-demand webinar for my prospects with 322 opt-ins… Before all of that generated a combined $1.86m in revenue… I was an overworked, overtired, new mom and new business owner.

Eager to be truly successful…

Desperate for the next free consultation to result in a new client (and fingers crossed, a payment…

Craving time to see my baby more…

And scared to death of failing – or, worse, being perceived as a failure.

Babies, Business & Being My Own Boss

It wasn’t always smooth once I started my law firm.

I was three days from my first baby’s due date…

And I was so tired of hourly billing and litigation clients (who think every single thing is an emergency and a reason to call or text me late at night or on weekends). I had had ENOUGH – so I made a shift.

From now on, I would be my own boss and I would work only with clients I wanted to work with, and I would only do law where I didn’t have to go to court, deal with opposing counsel, or charge hourly. (How does hourly billing possibly make anyone more efficient?)

The shift into “being my own boss” resulted in my founding my estate planning practice right then and there, with a baby about to arrive any day/second now – and it was anything but an easy ride.

I was plagued by a chronic case of second-guessing, financial desperation, and the constant humming question “Can I really be successful?” that made everything feel one million times harder than it should.

And when I finally did start to get a bit of traction in my business, I quickly realized...

  • “I don’t have enough time to get it all done.”
  • “I work really hard but I feel like I’m not getting anywhere.”
  • “I’m going to miss my daughter’s childhood if I keep working this much.”

The first few years were really, really hard.

I didn’t simply escape the litigation model and land softly on a thriving practice with prospects ready to hire me at every free consultation I held.

  • It took me five months to sign on my very first client...
  • I let my prospects lead every free consult because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do (they’re the ones paying, right?)... 
  • I found out that a lot of times people were looking only for free advice (taking up two hours of my time while they were at it)...
  • My business checking account kept going overdrawn for every free consult I had where the prospect said “Let me think about it and get back to you.”

Every small "win" (when those did happen) was marred by an even bigger hit of self-doubt, sunk costs, and a pain inside my entrepreneurial gut that taunted me with the sense...

  • I'm not good enough
  • I don't know enough
  • I'm really not an expert in my area

Long hours spent in front of a lot of prospects without the cash flow to justify it.

Painful late-night talks with my husband, desperately trying to convince him that success was “just around the corner.”

Relying on him doing all the drop-off and pickup of our daughter at preschool.

Weekends in the office.

And then a sonogram showing us that we had not one more baby on the way, but two

So I took a final stand

How doubling down produced an exponential win

And then I discovered that building my own dream practice was NOT at odds with helping my clients achieve what they wanted.

These are in fact two sides of the same coin.

So I doubled down and learned how to transform prospects from overwhelmed and underprepared (or looking only for free advice), into clients who raved about how awesome it is to work with me and who me pay on time.

I learned how to:

  • Go from free consultations where I was on repeat or let the prospect dominate the discussion, to shorter and more efficient meetings where I controlled the conversation
  • Stop winging it in every free consult and instead deliver my “script” remarkably every single time
  • Escape the back-and-forth game of calls and voicemails to get someone scheduled, and embrace online scheduling anytime day or night
  • Eliminate the half hour of “small talk” spent gathering basic info at free consults, to 2-3 minutes of small talk that leads right into your prospect hiring you for your services
  • Help get prospects from “Let me think about it” to “Let’s get started”
  • Avoid clients constantly rescheduling or cancelling last minute, so that clients show up prepared and can’t wait for the next step

After all that was dialed in...

I discovered how to optimize and automate my efforts so that I would never have to explain to my daughter again why I couldn't pick her up from preschool.

I'm able to do this, because I teach what I know.

I teach what I have personally done to build a professional practice that:

  • Runs incredibly smoothly, built around systems
  • Has the infrastructure to support and serve the volume of business I want, without me or anyone on my team being overworked
  • Gives me time freedom and resources to do more marketing, hire my key right-hand person, or go with my family on our dream vacation

If you like what you’re reading, are willing to learn from others instead of reinventing the wheel, and know that laying the right foundation matters more than a “quick win”…

Then get started with one of my free business-building cheat sheets (or my powerful masterclass) right away »

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A Little About Me

  • Presented in front of 1,534 prospects at seminars and webinars, producing $1.86m in revenue
  • Pioneer of the Educate-To-Engage Model, helping professional service providers put their systems on autopilot so they can focus on educating and engaging new clients
  • Honored by Infusionsoft (premier automation software) for Best In Class: Client Experience
  • Wife to my husband, and mom to four pretty amazing children
  • Obsessed with Jason Bourne movies
  • Can be found planning our next trip to Mexico or the mountains in Colorado

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